Tuesday, August 2, 2011


WHEREAS, it is found necessary to establish the Tourism Commission;
NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55(1) of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows:
1.    Short Title
    This Proclamation may be cited as the "Tourism Commission Establishment Proclamation No.11/1995."
2.    Establishment 1. The Tourism Commission (hereinafter referred to as "the Commission") is hereby established as an autonomous public institution of the Federal Government. 2. The Commission shall be accountable to the Council of Ministers. 3.    Head Office The head office of the Commission shall be in Addis Ababa.
4. Objective The objective of the Commission shall be to promote and develop tourism.
5. Powers and Duties of the Commission The Commission shall have the following powers and duties:
  1. to initiate the country's tourism policies and laws and, upon approval, follow up their implementation;
  2. to publicize the country's resources of tourist attractions to tourists;
  3. to encourage the development of tourist facilities; license and supervise establishment of tourist facilities which provide tourist facilities in the territories of more than one Regional Governments or which are operated by foreign investors;
  4. to set the standards of establishments of tourist facilities;
  5. to collect, compile and disseminate information on the country's tourism;
  6. to give assistance and advice to Regional Governments with regard to matters relating to tourism;
  7. to undertake studies with a view to enhancing the development of tourism in the country and establish training institutions as may be necessary.
  8. to own property, enter into contracts, sue and be sued in its own name;
  9. to perform such other duties as are conducive for the attainment of its objective.
6.    Organization of the Commission The Commission shall have:
  1. a Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner appointed by the Government, and
  2. the necessary staff.
7. Powers and Duties of the Commissioner
  1. The Commissioner shall be the chief executive of the Commission and, as such, shall direct and administer the activities of the Commission.
  2. Without limiting the generality stated in sub-Article (1)
of this Article the Commissioner shall:
  1. exercise the powers and duties of the Commission specified in Article 5 of this Proclamation;
  2. employ and administer employees of the Commission in accordance with the Federal civil service laws;
  3. prepare the work programme and budget of the Commission and implement same upon approval;
  4. effect expenditure in accordance with the approved budget and work programme of the Commission;
  5. represent the Commission in all its dealings with third parties;
  6. submit reports on the activities of the Commission.
3.    The Commissioner may delegate part of his powers and duties to the other officials and employees of the Commission to the extent necessary for the efficiency of the Commission.  
8. Budget The budget of the Commission shall be allocated by the Government. 9. Books of Accounts
  1. The Commission shall keep complete and accurate books of accounts.
  2. The Commission's books of accounts and financial documents shall be audited annually by the Auditor General or by auditors designated by him.
10. Repeal The Ethiopia Tourism Commission Establishment Proclamation No.182/1980 is hereby repealed. 11. Transfer of Rights and Obligations The rights and obligations of the Ethiopian Tourism Commission are hereby transferred to the Commission. 12. Effective Date This Proclamation shall enter into force as of the 24th day of August, 1995.
Done at Addis Ababa, this 24th day of August, 1995

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