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How to Obtain Construction Permit by the Addis Ababa City Administration Construction Permit and Control Authority

How to Obtain Construction Permit by the Addis Ababa City Administration Construction Permit and Control Authority

The Addis Ababa City Administration Construction Permit and Control Authority provides the service of issuance of construction permit by evaluating the requested construction is designed as per the master plan of the city. Customers can get the construction permit by submitting complete construction designs and other required documents in line with the necessary requirements.

Service Description

·     Submit request formats for issuance of construction permit.
·     Land ownership certificate
·     Submit environmental impact assessment letter/issued from the Addis Ababa environmental protection authority located at Gurd Shola behind athletic Federation, in front of Ethiopian construction Corporation, 1st floor office No.28,Tel. No. 0116452288/
·     Attach letter of insurance coverage form consultant
·     Plan agreement made on the holding issued from the sub city where the holding is located valid and issued within the 12(twelve) months
·     Valid debt and injunction verification issued within the past 12 months from client
·     Copy of lease contract if the holding is issued on lease basis, if amendment is made on the lease contract, include copy of the lease contract amendment from client
·     If the holding is located in re-development area contract agreement showing your capacity to develop the holding issued from concerned organs from client
·     Service fee based on the comprehensive destination
·     Clearances from professional, tax payers identification number and if at office level, should be submitted including the office management/science from consultant
·     If there is bank loan, bank agreement letter confirming that the construction could be undertaken
·     Complete and prepared construction design submitted at the 1st level like architectural, site plan with CD
After completion of architectural review the following should be submitted
·     Sanitary design and design report ,Electrical design and design report ,Mechanical design/it any
·     For two and more story building construction, all forms of building construction structural design including statistical calculation and soil test
For bold/large manufacturing facilities safety certificate issued by environmental protection authority. 


Service delivery point / Branch  
Please select your preferred service delivery point / Branch first
Name of Applicant  
Title deed Number
Construction type
Release date     Focal Length   Farting floor below ground     Address              Estimated development plan                Higher height above ground with metric         Detailed description of construction site         Depth below the depth           Construction type

Advisory Organization
Design of the design    Design expert's name  Professional Registration Number      phone number

Total Construction Cost Estimation
Type of Service Construction Permit Requested for  

Name of owner  
Applicant type  
Owner Representative
phone number  
Map Number  
Coordinate X  
Coordinate Y
Number of floor above Ground  
Number of floor below Ground
Project Gross cost Estimate .  
Single Price  
Construction type.  
New Modification
type of Consultant Company  
Name of Consultant Company  
License number of Consultant Company
TIN number of consultant company
address of consultant company
phone number
Height of building
Address of the construction site
Unique Name/ Road
House Number  
technical leader  
consulting company owner  
Plot area
consulting company owner phone number
Category of Consultant Company.  
consulting company owner mobile number  

Total number of Floors  
Elevation above ground in meters  
Detail Description of Construction on Boundary
Plan Agreement and deadline is 12 months  
Prohibition of debt and sanction is a letter of authorization to be filed within the design period
If the real estate property has lize agreement , then the number of household will be specified
Letter of Insurance / Construction Completion + one year
View Design Deadline (Lease, Regularize, old possession
Renewed Consultant trade licence  
Consultant Competency Certificate  
Project gross cost estimate
TIN number
I certify that due to the construction license code, I understand that the import agreements of the abovementioned operators will be closely monitored, and that the moneys have been provided with accurate information and are obliged to take due diligence on the digestive and construction process in accordance with this mandatory form and construction permit.

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