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Ethiopian Agricultural Research Organization Proclamation No. 79/1979



WHEREAS, it is believed that research for generating technologies, improving indigenous technologies and adapting foreign technologies in line with the country’s agricultural development strategy is a decisive activity to develop agriculture which forms the basis for the development of Ethiopia’s economy and the social welfare of its people;

WHEREAS, it has been found essential that research shall be undertaken in a systematic and coordinated manner in order to ensure sustainable development in production and productivity of the agricultural economic sector of the country;
WHEREAS, it has become necessary to establish an organization which shall be responsible for generating, improving and adapting technologies and coordinating, encouraging and assisting research activities in order to fulfill the current and long term agricultural requirements of the country.

NOW, THERFORE, in accordance with Article 55(1) of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows:

1.    Short Title
This Proclamation may be cited as the “Ethiopian Agricultural Research Organization Proclamation No. 79/1979.”

2.    Definition
In this proclamation; unless the context otherwise requires:
1)    “Agricultural Research” means research undertaking aimed at improving the production and productivity of plants, animals and natural resources.
2)    “Natural Resource” means soil, forest including water related to agriculture.
3)    “Agricultural research Centre” means an agricultural research organ established or to be established or administered by the Federal or Regional Government.
4)    “Person” means a physical or judicial person.

3.    Establishment
1)    The Ethiopian Agricultural research Organization (hereinafter referred to as “Organization”) is hereby established as an autonomous government body of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.
2)    The Organization shall be accountable to the Prime Minister.

4.    Head office
The head office of the Organization shall be in Addis Ababa.

5.    Objectives of the Organization
The Organization shall:
1)    generate, develop and adapt agricultural technologies that focus on the needs of the over all agricultural development and its beneficiaries;
2)    coordinate research activities of agricultural research centers or higher learning institute and other related establishments which undertake agricultural research on contractual bases;
3)    build up a research capacity and establish a system that will make agricultural research efficient, effective and based on development needs;
4)    popularize agricultural research results.

6.    Powers and Duties of the Organization
The Organization shall have the powers and duties to:
1)    formulate agricultural research strategies and determine on research priorities based on the country’s policies for research; develop work plans and programmes and implement when approved by the government, and follow up the implementation thereof;
2)    follow up the implementation of agricultural research policy, initiate new and improved policy proposals and submit the same to the government and when approved, implement and follow up the implementation thereof;
3)    issue guidelines for the proper formulation and preparation of agricultural research programs and projects in line with the country’s development requirements. Where appropriate evaluate whether the proposed projects, programs and budget are in accordance with the guidelines and submit them to the government for approval;
4)    undertake or cause the undertaking of agricultural research activities on the bases of the agricultural research policy and strategy;
5)    reorganize or dissolve any research Center under the Organization and establish new ones in different agro ecological zones as deemed necessary;
6)    establish a system, in collaboration with appropriate organs to make effective coordination between the Federal agricultural research centers and the end users and implement and follow up the implementation so that useful agricultural research results will be popularize and utilize by the end users;
7)    advertise agricultural research results in the languages of the different nations and nationalities using appropriate means in collaboration with relevant organs, in order to widen the agricultural knowledge base of the society;
8)    collect, organize and disseminate information on agricultural research activities and results that are available in the country and elsewhere in the world and develop and coordinate information exchange mechanisms;
9)    facilitate conditions for mutual support between agricultural education, research, extension and production in cooperation with relevant organs;
10)    participate in the development and upgrading of human resources that will take part in agricultural research; formulate and implement strategies to develop and build up the capacity of human resources;
11)    establish an award system and/or incentives to individuals or institutions for meritorious achievements in agricultural research;
12)    facilities, assist and encourage the organization and development of agricultural research centers;
13)    create suitable working conditions to encourage agricultural researchers and support staff; develop and improve a professional career structure for researchers and implement when approved by the government;
14)    encourage professional association in the field of agriculture and create enabling conditions to facilitate their contribution for the exchange of agricultural research information;
15)    participate and advise the government in all matters related to agricultural research;
16)    establish relationships, cooperate and conclude agreements with international and regional agricultural research centers and national organizations having similar objectives, based on the relevant law and implement and follow up the implementation thereof;
17)    provide relevant information service to regional agricultural research centers and, upon request, give technical support and assistance to the extent possible.
18)    Establish a system for research project review, in cooperation with relevant Regional governments, to avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts and sub-sequent wastage of resources on research projects that are being conducted at Federal and Regional Research Centers;
19)    Register and maintain the list of any person involved or will be involved in agricultural research;
20)    Own properties, enter into agreement, sues and be sued;
21)    Accomplish other tasks related to the above in order to fulfill its objectives.

7.    Organizational structure
The Organization shall have:
1)    Agricultural research Board (here in after referred to as “Board”)
2)    A Director General to be appointed by the Government upon presentation by the Board.
3)    Agricultural Research Centers established or to be established by the Federal Government, and
4)    The necessary staff.

8.    Members of the Board
The Board shall have a chairperson and members who will be appointed by the government and whose number shall be determined as appropriate.

9.    Powers and Duties of the Board
The Board shall have the power and duties to:
1)    overview and direct the powers and duties enumerated in Article 6 of the proclamation and supervise and follow up their implementation.
2)    approve the structure of the Organization and the directives in which the personnel of the Organization will be administered.
3)    review the annual work programme and budget of the Organization and submit to the government for approval.
4)    decide the working relation between the Federal and Regional agricultural research Centers in consultation with the appropriate Regional Administration
5)    establish a technical advisory committee, designate members of the committee and receive technical evaluation reports from the committee before approving project proposals, programmes and budget.
6)    Determine its own internal rules and regulations.

10.    Meeting of the Board
1)    the Board shall meet once in three months and may have extraordinary meetings as necessary.
2)    There shall be a quorum where a simple majority of the members of the Board are present.
3)    Decisions of the Board shall be made by a majority vote. In case of a tie the chairperson shall have a casting vote.

11.    Powers and Duties of the Director General
1)    The director General shall be the chief executive officer of the Organization and shall be responsible for its proper administration and supervision.
2)    Without limiting the generality provided in sub-Article (1) of this article, the Director General shall:
(a)    supervise and follow up the implementation of programmes and projects as well as the utilization of finance by the Federal Agricultural Research Centers;
(b)    employ and administer personnel in accordance with the directives approved by the board and other appropriate laws;
(c)    prepare, consolidate and submit the work programme and budget of the Organization to the Board and follow up its proper implementation when approved.
(d)    Allocate budget to research centers based on the approved budget of the Organization and follow up the utilization of the allocated fund for the intended activity.
(e)    Represent the Organization in its relations with third parties in accordance with the directives approved by the Board.
3)     The director General may delegate part of his powers and duties to the other officials and staff of the Organization.

12.    Powers and Duties of Federal Agricultural Research Center
Federal Agricultural Research Center shall be accountable to the head office of the Organization and shall have the powers and duties to:
1)    undertake agricultural research activities in accordance with the national agricultural research policies and strategies as well as programmes designed to be executed by it having internal administrative and technical autonomy.
2)    prepare and submit report to the head office concerning the research activities of the Center.
3)    Prepare detailed research projects and budget based on the programme approved for execution by the centre and implement when approved.
4)    Submit to the head office the material and manpower requirements of the center based on its identified future direction and development needs.
5)    Perform other functions based on the directives issued by the head office.

13.    Source of Income
1)    The Organization shall have incomes from the following sources:
a)    budget allocated by the government
b)    laboratory service or sale of research by products and,
c)    assistance and grants or any other income obtained from other sources.
2)    The income obtained from other sources referred to in sub-Article (1) of this Article shall be kept in the Ethiopian National Bank or in a bank designed bythe National Bank and shall be utilized, based on the government finance law to achieve the objectives of the Organization.

14.    Book of Accounts
1)    The organization shall keep a complete and an accurate book of accounts.
2)    The Organization book of accounts shall be audited at least once a year by the Auditor General or by another auditor designated by him.

15.    Duty to cooperate
Any person shall have the duty to cooperate in the implementation of this proclamation.

16.    Repealed and Inapplicable Laws
1)    The Institute of Agricultural Research establishment order, ordered No. 42/66 and part of Article 12(5), of the definition of powers and duties of the executive organs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, proclamation No. 4/1995, which refers to the establishment of research centers are hereby repealed.
2)    Any other laws which are in contradiction with this proclamation shall not be applicable with respect to matters provided for in this proclamation.

17.    Transfer of rights and obligations
1)    The rights and obligations of the Institute of Agricultural research established under order No. 42/66.
2)    The rights and duties of the Forestry Research, Wood Utilization research and Fishery Research, soil Research Laboratory and National Animal Health Research Institute administered under the Ministry of Agriculture.
3)    The rights and duties of the Deberezeit Research Center administered by Alemaya University of Agriculture are hereby transferred to the Organization established under this proclamation.

18.    Effective Date
This Proclamation shall enter into force as of the 5th day of June, 1997.
Done at Addis Ababa, this 5th day of June, 1997.



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