Saturday, July 24, 2021

Chinese embassy praises the 6th military aid team to Ethiopia


BEIJING, July 23 -- “During the mission period of nearly 500 days, the 6th Chinese military medical aid team to Ethiopia demonstrated a strong sense of responsibility and mission, and stood on the forefront against the raging COVID-19 pandemic, local armed conflicts, and other complicated situations. They have made outstanding contributions to the friendly exchanges between the two countries and militaries.” Recently, a letter of praise from the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia affirmed the efforts made by the military medical aid team for medical development in Ethiopia.

Not long ago, the team returned to China after completing the overseas mission, during which they won the local people’s trust and praise for their advanced medical skills and good practices. On the day of their departure, many locals had voluntarily been to the airport to see them off.

Located in northeast Africa, Ethiopia is known as the “ridge of Africa”. After the first confirmed COVID-19 case appeared in the country in early 2020, the military medical aid team, while taking rigorous anti-virus measures themselves, made scientific and effective arrangements and fully exerted their strengths to introduce preventive and treating methods to the local medical staff and residents.

As the pandemic got more serious, they took the initiative to help the Ethiopian military build a simple lab that could detect novel coronavirus as well as a quarantine and treatment center, which was one of the key such centers designated by the local government, where no staff member has been infected.

For nearly 500 days and nights, the Chinese military medical experts, with their exceptional skills, cured many local patients and attracted a lot more for treatment. “The team has set an example for foreign exchanges,” said a staff member at the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia.

“The 6th Chinese military medical aid team to Ethiopia is a messenger of state-to-state and mil-to-mil friendliness and a paradigm for bilateral cooperation.” According to an officer at the Ethiopian Defense Ministry, the Chinese military medical experts have assisted Ethiopia for many years in a row, not only winning a high reputation among the local public but also promoting and demonstrating the deep friendship between the two countries.

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